Meet Mortgage Jump.
James Zantingh
James ZantinghMortgage Agent - Founder
James reminds us that behind every mortgage is a person. He strives to make his clients feel valued while providing wisdom and sound advice throughout the mortgage process. James reminds us to work hard, be available to your customers and get the job done.
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Noelle Ferrier
Noelle FerrierMortgage Agent
Noelle brings much experience to the table. Prior to joining the team, she spent 8 years at a major bank. Now, she has more than one option to provide her clients! This has resonated throughout her career here as she enthusiastically strives to provide the best option for her clients.
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Samantha Garrod
Samantha GarrodMortgage Agent
Every client and mortgage is unique and Sam is known for getting the details right – right down to your favorite drink. Sam is a true professional. Loved by her clients for being trustworthy and confidential, having Sam work for you is like being the centre of the universe.
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Mark Jurgeneit
Mark Jurgeneit Mortgage Agent
Mark has spent many years serving others and naturally, his career in the mortgage industry is a perfect fit. Specializing in construction, commercial and private mortgages he meets a great need in the area. His refusal to accept the status quo means there is always a better mortgage for you.
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Amanda Larade
Amanda LaradeMortgage Agent
Amanda has used the services of a mortgage broker many times and experienced the benefits! Advocating on your behalf, Amanda is determined to leave her clients amazed. Amanda gets what she wants and what she wants is the mortgage approval her customers desire.
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Naomi Zantingh
Naomi ZantinghAccounts Manager
Naomi’s middle name is Joy and naturally, everyone she knows should have guessed that to be true! If you have received a nice card with beautiful handwriting, it would be from Naomi. Each word on the card is written with the intention of making someone’s life better.
Lauren Zantingh
Lauren ZantinghParty Planner
Party Planner, calendar manager, and occasional Boss, Lauren is more than just an asset to the team. Touting four boys under her belt, she owns the ring. The beautiful wife of James Zantingh, we are thankful she lends him to the wonderful people needing his time and service.

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